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It's All in the Details

Quality and savings mean a lot to you, and it means a lot to us as well. At Designers Expo LLP we carefully select our flooring products and our installation crews to guarantee the right balance of quality and price. Very often, we will find multiple products of the same level of quality all with different price points. We carefully select and sell those that carry the lowest price and the most attractive styles while maintaining a high-level of quality & value.

Customer Satisfaction Is in Our DNA
Founding members of our team have a background in all facets of retail, construction and remodeling, which means transferring customer service skills to Designers Expo LLP was a simple task. We take the time to understand our customer’s personal experience with flooring and value all of their input.

A Full-Service Company
Part of the reason for our success in this business is the fact that we're a full-service decorative hardware and flooring company. We offer every conceivable service you're likely to need when it comes to flooring.

Browse through our 5000 sq. foot showroom for inspiration and ideas that will personalize your project. We work with designers and contractors, as well as directly with clients that like doing their own DIY projects.

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